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A breathtaking run along the historic Columbia River Highway State Park trail.

  • Race Start Times​

    • Half Marathon 8:00 am

    • 10K 8:30 am 

Walkers welcomed and celebrated!

5-hour half-marathon cut-off time.

Be sure to review the Scenic Oregon Run Series Cancellation Policy before registering.  You may also opt to purchase second-party insurance through Runreg. 

Aid Stations

This out-and-back course has 5 Aid Stations and runners visit each twice. The Aid Stations are spaced every 1.5 – 2.0 miles along the course.

Aid stations will have water Gatorade, bananas, GU, and gummy bears. 

There are dozens of Port-a-Potties at the race start in Washington and near the Race Finish Area at the pedestrian bridge before crossing to Thunder Island.

Aid Stations 1, 3, and 4 have Port-a-Potties, so 5K runners will have 2 opportunities, 10K runners 5 and Half Marathon runners 6 opportunities. 

Live Results

Live results, including Half Marathon turnaround splits, are available during the event at the Finish Area Results Tent and on the website. 

Chip Timing

Your chip time starts when you cross the start line. Make certain your bib number is visible when crossing the finish line. The bibs are disposable. If you have any timing concerns please speak with the timing company near the Finish Line Announcers Tent.

Half Marathon

Miles: 13.1 miles
Total Elevation: 920 Feet
Largest Hill: 5% grade
Aid Stations: 9
Surface 100% Paved

At 8 am Half Marathon runners start across the scenic Bridge of the Gods, taking in amazing views down the river and the roaring Columbia directly under foot.

Runners come off the bridge, pass through town quickly and from then on are on the safe, closed, paved trail of the Old Hwy until they reach the turn around at Moffett Creek. 

Bridge of the Gos Run- Course-Map-Half-Marathon.png

10K Course

Miles: 6.2 miles
Total Elevation: 270 feet
Largest Hill: 5% grade
Aid Stations: 5
Surface: 100% paved

At 8:30 am10K runners start by leaving Washington, heading over the historic Bridge of the Gods and taking in sweeping views of the Columbia River and the foothills of the Cascades.

Runners stay cool on warm summer days by crossing creeks along 4 bridges running on a paved path under a thick shaded canopy in an old-growth forest. 

Bridge of the Gods Run- 5K-Map.png
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