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Do you have questions about the Bridge of the Gods Half Marathon & 10K or any of the other destination marathon and half marathons from Breakaway Promotions?  We are here to help!

Send us an email at the address below and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Email Us:

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Reach out to Team Breakaway with questions, feedback, or have us run your event!


Want to learn more about all of the Scenic Oregon Run Series events?  Sign up for the newsletter and we'll send you information, updates, and deals for all of the events.  

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Hundreds of community members, coaches, athletes, kids, and families make our events possible, rewarding, and fun! When you choose to run with Breakaway you help support Breakaway Community Grants. In 2019 together we donated nearly $50,000 to high school athletic teams and community groups in Oregon.


We ❤️ Our Volunteers

Email Anne Codding to learn your group can sign up to help.

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